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FACE IT: Beauty with Amanda Care

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Channel’s resident beauty expert, Amanda Care of Face It in Devonport, gives readers a monthly insight into what’s happening in the world of skincare. This month she has discovered how to…

Everyone starts off as an amateur in everything they do. It’s through practice and discipline that they become ‘professionals’.

To become 'pro' takes a lot of hard work and focus and the payoff is usually representative of that, usually in the form of a million dollar contract in the case of a professional athlete.

This month I'm going to tell you how, with a change in thinking, you too can become a pro in looking and feeling good, admittedly without the million dollar contract, but still with some great health benefits.

  This means commitment to a regular skin care routine. Throw away the make-up wipes and use a three step routine (AM - Cleanse, Moisturise, Sunblock, PM - Cleanse, Serum, Moisturiser) morning and night. Try to get a facial treatment in every four-six weeks, or at the very least, use an at home mask once a week.

Diet: This is a no brainer. The cells in your body are built on the nutrition they’re feed. If you’re serious about good skin ditch the alcohol and fatty, processed foods and get more fruit and vegetables into your diet. I highly recommend a daily high dose of Vitamin C (I use 3000mg of Clinicians Vit C powder) it plays a crucial role in regulation of structural collagen, which means firmer skin for you.

I take inspiration from a pro like Gordon Ramsay. The jet setting chef is a workaholic but no matter what country he finds himself in he will always throw on his running shoes and pound the pavement.

Stress:  Long periods of stress have an aging effect. Dr Bill Andrews has been creating waves recently with his groundbreaking research on aging, and his theory that the day will come when we can live to 125 and look 24. The key is reversing the shortening process of Telomeres that naturally unravel as we age and can cause disease. While he’s still working on the magic pill to do this for us, in the meantime he recommends avoiding things that shorten telomeres prematurely like obesity, mental stress (he meditates regularly) and fatty diets and making sure you get adequate intake of Omega 3 and Vitamin D.

Adopting a professional attitude towards yourself, and consistently showing kindness to your body will be the best guarantee to see you healthily and happily through the years to come.

by Amanda Care