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This month’s news from Devonport Business Association Chairman, John Waugh.

We all recognise that times are tough, not only for Devonport but for the North Shore generally. You only have to look up the main street in Devonport to notice the shops that have closing sales, shops that are closed and there will be many of you that have knowledge of other businesses that are under stress and may well not be here in the future.

To many this will seem to be a major problem but we invite you to view this as an opportunity to refresh and revitalise our commercial hub. And when we say “you” we mean the Devonport Community.
Upon us at the moment are the Local Body Elections. It is incumbent upon all of you who have the six votes to consider each of the candidates and to choose them on their merits, not only for what they can do for our community here in Devonport as the “Gateway to the Shore” but for the wider North Shore community and Auckland City.
From the DBA’s perspective, we are looking for Councillors that make things happen, not watch things happen. We can’t tell you who to vote for but we can simply ask you to consider carefully who you will vote for.
This article is headed “Gateway to the Shore” but clearly Devonport is also a “Gateway” to the city and beyond, and that is why we invite you to consider the wider interests of Auckland City and the North Shore in your decision making.
Given the many important issues that are presently upon us, whether they be issues relating to the New Building Standard’s and earthquake strengthening, heritage issues and the Unitary Plan, and the transports issues that are presently being addressed by Auckland City, your candidate choices in the upcoming elections have never been more important.
Also, in recent issues of Channel Magazine we have talked about the Devonport BID (Business Improvement District) process, which has been so important in the revitalising of Takapuna and Milford and elsewhere, and the benefits this will bring both the Devonport Business Community and local residents. This is the “opportunity” referred to at the beginning of this article-the opportunity to attract and embrace new businesses and enterprises to Devonport that meet the demands and needs of our community and visitors rather than choosing to go elsewhere for services and shopping.
Our Devonport BID process will lead to a vote being taken in March by all business owners and landlords in the Devonport Village, which will provide the springboard and opportunity to improve the quality and vibrancy of our
Devonport community.

by John Waugh