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Lots of Exciting 'New Stuff' in-Store Right Now!

Well, the ‘Peruvian Shipment’ has finally arrived in with a selection of 13 vintage Rosary Beads and many other lovely old religious pieces. The huge Standing Church Retablo is truly just fabulous, as is the stunning Matador's jacket & vest. There is another large carton about to arrive NOW plus another due mid-October. This last carton has three very cool 1900's West German Xmas Decorations in it (see pics).
‘Arnie the Armadillo’ has flown in from the UK and ‘Porky the Baby Wild Pig’ is keeping him company, along with Ollie Owl, Kelly Kestrel, and other assorted critters. Bring the kids in to say ‘hello’ to them all!
 There's a myriad of other new items, including a superb English 'Rotherhams' Sterling Silver cased 1902 Pocket Watch, Victorian Mantle Clocks, a 19th Century Zulu Hunting Assegai & Knobkierrie, Art Deco pieces, Bronzes, and a large Victorian Spelter Figurine.
 Collectors club members should diarise the last Sunday in November for our "Pre-Christmas Members Only Sale and Get Together". We will email or phone details late October. – Bye for now, Bernard.
Molloy's of Milford Antiques Centre. 2-162 Kitchener Road, Milford.

by Bernard Molloy