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OPTOMETRY & EYEWEAR with Melissa Hay, Visique Milford

Do you want a proven non-surgical alternative to laser surgery?

Have you ever wanted to wake up in the morning and wish you didn’t have to wear glasses or contact lenses? Do you have a teen that is constantly going back to the optometrist with ever increasing prescriptions as a result of deteriorating eyesight?
Then Orthokeratology – a non-surgical, non-invasive form of vision correction – may be the solution.  Also known as Ortho-K, the treatment involves wearing a custom-made contact lens while sleeping at night and waking to 20/20 vision, eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses during the day.
Ortho-K is a great alternative to laser surgery for teenagers and adults looking to free themselves from glasses or contact lenses during the day. This can be particularly beneficial for those teenagers who participate in sports.

Ortho-K works by gently remolding the cornea (the front surface of the eye) using a lens customized for your eyes.
Recent research also shows that Ortho-K has a “bonus” for teenagers: it stops the progression of short-sightedness.  Since your eyes have been corrected for 20/20 vision, the light is precisely focused on the back of your eye, eliminating the stimulus for short-sighted progression.
Logan Cooke, one of Visique Milford’s Ortho-K specialists has seen the benefits of this treatment with patients.
“I met Maddie three years ago, who at the time was aged 12 years, and came from a family of short-sighted sufferers. Maddie was a keen swimmer but did not like wearing prescription goggles. Every year her vision deteriorated and lens prescription had to be increased accordingly,” says Mr Cooke.  
“Maddie and her sister were at risk of their vision continuing to deteriorate due to their condition – imagine what her eyesight would be when she turned 20! I really felt that Maddie was the kind of patient who could benefit from Ortho-K. ”
Logan prescribed a pair of Ortho-K lenses for Maddie’s eyes. Within a couple of days Maddie was a master at handling the lenses, taking them out and putting them in herself as well as cleaning and caring for them.
“Within a couple of weeks I was able to adjust Maddie’s prescription so that she no longer had to wear glasses during the day.  But as a keen swimmer, Maddie was most delighted by the fact that she no longer had to wear her prescription goggles in the pool or down at the beach.”
Three years later, Logan is pleased to report that that the progression of Maddie’s condition has been halted and her eyesight has not deteriorated further over that period.  
If you are interested in Ortho-K or know of someone who might be a great candidate for this treatment, please contact Melissa Hay or Logan Cooke at Visique Milford Optometrists.  Alternatively, you can pop in to their practice and collect a brochure which has more information.  Our staff are more than happy to discuss Ortho-K and offer you a FREE 15 minute Ortho-K consultation.

Seen The Light? 

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, imagine not having to - without going through nerve-wracking laser surgery? And what if you could halt sight deterioration, especially in teenagers?

This imagining has become reality for many people who have discovered the incredible eyesight altering powers of Ortho-K. Now being offered at Visique Optometrists Milford by owner Melissa Hay and her team, this new eye correction option is revolutionising the lives of glasses and contact lens wearers.

Melissa is excited by the impact Ortho-K is already having on her patients’ lives. She explained: “This is a technology that involves wearing lenses overnight to avoid the need to wear glasses or contact lenses during the day. It corrects short-sightedness, up to a certain level, and prevents further deterioration of the eyesight.”

Milford resident Melissa is particularly keen to maximise the impact this technology can have on teenage eyes.

“We are trying to minimise that short-sightedness progression. We want to step in to prevent further development of shortsightedness, which typically occurs during the teenage years.” This is precisely what happened to Melissa herself. After discovering her shortsightedness at eight, her eyesight took a downhill plunge during her teenage years and she is keen to help current teens from going down the same path.  “During the teenage years, the eyeballs stretch and grow and this is essentially like getting braces, but for your eyes!”

Melissa is offering free 15-minute consultations at her Kitchener Road practice to assess whether Ortho-K would be a suitable option.

by Melissa Hay