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When you arrive at Well & Wild Healing House you instantly feel at ease. Owners Chris and Lisa Lucks are incredibly down to earth and friendly. They have over 25 years of combined clinical experience in the health and healing industry, and when asked what their primary goal is they replied:

“To help people access their own resources for healing. We help people to find what they have and use that.”
They are both registered chiropractors and hold all three levels of certification in Network Spinal Analysis. They also provide Somato Respiratory Integration and Wellness Consulting.

Their respective backgrounds are fascinatingly different. American born Chris was a member of the US Marines and was heavily involved in powerlifting and bodybuilding, whereas Lisa comes from a family of chiropractors.
 “I’ve wanted to be a chiropractor since I was five, but I was almost discouraged because I felt there was something missing in the environment in a person’s body – the emotional, psychological and lifestyle aspects. I wanted to affect an overall change on a person rather than just look at one vertebra, so that’s why I practice this way,” said Lisa.
It’s glaringly obvious that this husband and wife team love what they do and they possess the passion to do it well.
“I love finding out about people and their stories and what challenges they’ve had in their lives, and also how their bodies have processed those challenges. It depends on whether they have adapted to the challenges or not, and then it is about finding ways to help them heal and find new strategies to move forward. That’s what really excites me,” said Lisa.
“For me it’s the changes that we see all day long. Watching people come in and the obvious change in just a few minutes from the time they come in, to the time they leave. I never lose the amazement and reverence of it, it’s something we see all the time but every time you see it, it’s just as amazing as the first time you saw it,” said Chris.
The couple moved their practice from Ponsonby to Milford six years ago and they haven’t looked back since.
“We love the lifestyle. We enjoy the beaches, and Chris surfs so the proximity to both the West and East coast beaches is perfect. We love going for walks, and we love the cafes, and I love shopping,” Lisa explained.

Well & Wild Healing House is located at 1 Argyle Terrace, Milford. For further information you can refer to their website at, or call them on (09) 449 2074.

by Melissa Ingram