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The Science Behind Sports Gear

The running season is approaching at a fast pace, it’s almost upon us, so now is the time to get off the couch, on the road and possibly buy some new gear in the process. Here at Stirling Sports Takapuna we recommend our range of Asics apparel and footwear to give you that motivation to do so.

Asics is an acronym derived from the Latin phrase Anima Sana in Corpore Sano, which means ‘A Sound Mind, Sound Body’. The main philosophy for Asics is ‘Biomorphic Evolution’ and, through scientific research, the brand attains materials, designs and functions that help the body move freely and comfortably in both exercise and daily life.

In plain English, it means that these guys really know their stuff. Here are a few of the key technologies in their ranges that we think you should know about:

Biomorphic motion -
a technology which enhances movement and posture by controlling complicated movements of the skeletal system and muscles during exercise.

Biomorphic cut -
an innovative cutting and seaming process for fabrics resulting from extensive research on the movement of the human body. Its goal is to maximise freedom of movement.

Biomorphic dry - the technology is the management and evaporation of sweat from the body.

Not only do Asics have a great apparel range but are also a recognised leader in athletic shoes too. Some of the footwear technologies include the following:

Gel -
Shock absorbing material placed mainly in the heel of the shoe.  It is said that when we run we place three times our body weight on the heel of our foot so that’s where gel comes in, to stop our bodies from absorbing the shock which can lead to injuries and stress on our joints.

Impact Guidance Systems – These guide the foot from heel strike to propulsion allowing excellent stability and an excellent Asics feel and ride.

Biomorphic Fit –
This reduces weight and allows for a better fitting upper and better propulsion. Greater flexibility equates to a smoother more efficient ride allowing you to run longer.

Asics high abrasion resistant rubber on the outer sole. Helps cut down on excessive wear.

Plus many other great technologies like cocona, speva and solyte that our in store experts can inform you on!

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by Channel Editorial