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Shore City: School Holiday Entertainment

Free entertainment ideas for the kids this school holidays

Yes, it’s that time again. Money’s tight and who knows what the weather will do one hour to the next? To help you get through the holidays without emptying your wallet, here are eight ideas for free activities that won’t break the bank.

1, 2, 3 & 4 – Shore City

Take the kids to all four free school holidays activities at Shore City. All are indoors, plus there’s three hours free parking on-site. Check out the details on the right.

5 - DIY Spa Day
Look up online to find ingredients you can use from your kitchen to make natural, yummy beauty treatments for a spa day. Make face masks, hand soaks, feet rubs and even hair masks.

6 - Post-it Bingo
Dig out some post-it notes, write a different word on each one and write them again on some non-sticky pieces of paper as well. Let the kids arrange the sticky notes in any order to make a square grid each (such as 6 across by 6 down). Pull the second set of words out of a box one by one until someone makes a full row and wins. Use treats or sweets like M&M’s to mark the words off, then they get to eat them when they complete a row!

7 - Like your Library
Pop in to your local library and let the kids pick their own books and magazines to take home. Community libraries often have free school holidays activities as well.

8 - Go on a Playground Hunt
You’ll be surprised how many playgrounds there are hidden around the Shore. Go to as many as you can. Keep a list at home and get kids to draw pictures of each one they visited to extend the activity.

by Channel Editorial