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Spring in Your Step for Spring?

Hard to believe it’s October already… Labour Weekend is just around the corner

Before long everyone will be shedding the last of the winter layers and breaking out the shorts, t-shirts and togs. Hope you are getting prepared!

There are plenty of reasons to be fit for summer. Obviously it’s great to look good and feel confident for the festive season with all the work functions and social gatherings to attend. Summer may also be the start of a new sporting season for you and you need to prepare. Many an unnecessary injury has been sustained by an enthusiastic weekend warrior storming the sports field and pushing the body beyond it’s limits too soon. The State Beach Series begins on Tuesday October 29th and you will need strength, endurance and a core of steel to excel!

 Even if you don’t take part in sporting activities, you will still need some basic functional strength for the summer period. Normal activities such as loading up the car and boat for your holiday or piggy-backing your children or grandchildren all take strength. If you are going to be horizontal this summer it would be nice to do it with a book and a drink, rather than be immobile in agony because you’ve put your back out.
 Now is the time to make decisions about how you’d like to look and what you’d like to do this summer. If weight loss is your goal, a recommended rate of loss is around half to one kilogram per week. If you started now you could lose between four and eight kilos before the start of December. Sit down with a personal trainer and make a plan. A personal trainer will ascertain your goals, availability and the types of things you enjoy, and then a strategy can be formulated. A good exercise schedule has the right mix of exercise types and recovery periods, avoiding counterproductive overtraining. If you’ve been carrying any niggling injuries over the winter your trainer can recommend a physio or liaise with the one you already use.
 My outdoor activity of choice this summer is paddle-boarding, I get out down to Takapuna Beach as often as I can. Paddle-boarding requires strength, balance and endurance – even more when I have my daughters on the board with me! These are the skills my clients and I are working hard on in the gym. Once you have your fitness make sure you use it, enjoy it, and involve the whole family. Set some great goals and make this summer your best ever.

by Channel Editorial