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Wow, what an effort at this year's Knitathon! Thanks to all knitters, crochet ladies and quilting ladies, you all did a wonderful job. And once again we met up with some very talented people. We had such fun at the Knitathon this year. More space meant we were all a lot more comfortable, with little groups forming all around the store.  We had some wonderful food provided throughout from The Swiss Bakery and The Thirsty Frog  - thanks! This was appreciated by all!

We took the opportunity to practice on our new coffee machine and bake a few scones in the new oven to provide free refreshments to our willing knitters!  A great committee helped us organise the knitting and create a hostess roster, which really meant we could give people pointers on what was needed.  We are now in the process of collecting the sponsorship money, finishing rugs and we are really happy with progress to date! 
We have some wonderful rugs to go into our auction.  It's definitely worth a trip to come and see the rugs, which will be  displayed in store as soon as they are finished.  We have quite a few in store already for your viewing pleasure.  Our auction will be held at Crafty Knitwits on Saturday 19th of October at 11am, so pencil that date and time into your diary. 
If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause, either visit the store or donate online at:
Crafty Knitwits Limited, 101, Kitchener Road, Milford. Phone: 486 2724 or

by Channel Editorial