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Have you ever paused to consider whether your hearing is impaired? Many people go about their lives and don’t even notice that they no longer hear the birds singing in the trees, or the rain tinkling on the rooftops. Bloom™ hearing specialists situated on Kitchener Road in Milford are here to help.

Senior audiologist Melissa Markley believes that the individualised approach at bloom™ is what sets it apart from the rest.

“We try to give an individual approach to each person, so we figure out what the client’s needs are and we get them involved in the process. We listen to what they need and what their lifestyle requirements are. We then try to find a hearing solution that will solve their problems,” said Melissa.

It’s evident that the staff at bloom™ are passionate about what they do.

“Everybody has different needs and we want everybody to be well satisfied. We aim to offer not only the best quality devices, but also the best quality service and we hope that our customers would be happy to refer us to their friends and family because they have been treated so well.”

Bloom™ opened in October last year and Melissa was their first employee. They are a global company with hundreds of stores across Australia and around the world.

Their technological capability has the ability to astound. For example, one customer has a remote control that streams from her mobile phone to her hearing aid via a remote device, but it is only used in the car. Bloom™ goes above and beyond to tailor what people want to their situations.

Melissa loves a challenge.

“I’ve worked with children in the past but now I’ve been working with adults for quite a while. I love the more difficult cases, they are really challenging. For example, some people have difficult listening environments, and then they want their accessories to work in different areas for different situations,” she said.

After moving from central Auckland to the North Shore a few years ago, Melissa now calls Birkenhead home and isn’t interested in moving again.

“I really enjoy it. We moved to the North Shore a couple of years ago now, so I feel like I’m a local, I don’t want to move anywhere else, and I think the Shore’s a great place to live and be.”

When asked what her favourite part of the job is she replied,

“Helping people to hear better. Sometimes you have people in tears because they didn’t know what they were missing out on. It often means that the communication within families gets a lot better too. Sorting that out for people and making their home life happier is really rewarding.”

Bloom, 125 Kitchener Road, Milford 09 489 3412


by Channel Editorial