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MILFORD - Everyone's place

Milford – everyone's place for fantastic food!

This month we are featuring all our eating out businesses which over the last three years have just continued to grow in number. We have a great café culture in Milford and there is one to suit everyone’s taste.

Every night I wonder why there are no car parking spaces in the main streets, but you only need to look on the next page to find the wide range of ethnic restaurants that we have, to find the answer. I have my favourites – I’m sure you have yours too!
Our logo is ‘everyone's place’ and with such a fantastic array of food establishments, I think it fair to say – ‘Milford – everyone's place for
fantastic food!’

Escape to the Sun Winner attracts 1000’s of entries. Congratulations to:
Fay Redwood

Who won our magnificent travel prize of $2,000 of travel, sponsored by the business association. She has the choice of four travel agents to select her travel destination from:
Air New Zealand, Harvey World Travel
House of Travel, The Flight Centre.

Sue’s winning entry was made at Kimberleys in the Milford Centre mall and was one of over 15,000 we received throughout the Milford shops. Thanks to all those who took part and made it such a wonderful success!

Choice is what shopping is about
I walk around Milford these days amazed at the variety and choice of shopping and dining on offer. I mentioned that we have four travel agents for booking all those exciting and memorable overseas holidays, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
Our five shoe stores offer such a wide range of styles and fashion that I understand it is a natural shoe wonderland for our very fashion-conscious women shoppers. To complement this we have numerous top fashion stores and eight hair
dressing salons.
Supermarket shopping is amply taken care of with the two major brands on opposite sides of the car park, plus three fruit and vege shops and three bakery/cake shops and of course, Andrew at the Milford Butcher.
For those of you wanting to pick up your day to day hardware supplies, you need look no further than Home Hardware, where Tony, the new owner, has transformed the business and has everything you require without driving out of Milford and getting lost in the vastness of a bulk hardware retailer.
Even the professional ranks are very well represented with good choice amongst lawyers, accountants, architects and the many and varied medical service providers.
All these wonderful businesses are listed on our website – Check it out next time you are looking for a great place to do business.
All this must account for the reason that for the last three years, Milford has had positive sales growth year on year and we keep attracting new exciting businesses to the business district. 

See you in Milford

Murray Hill
Manager – Milford Business Association

For details on Milford community groups, go to the Milford Residents Association website:

by Murray Hill