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FACE IT: Beauty with Amanda Care

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Channel’s resident beauty expert, Amanda Care of Face It in Devonport, gives readers a monthly insight into what’s happening in the world of skincare. This month she has discovered…

This month’s column is coming to you from the depths of the South Island, Wanaka to be exact, but that's pretty south for an Aucklander like me.

We are half way through our trip, and the scenery has been gorgeous, which is a great distraction when you have to share space with three guys who are all sweaty from a day spent snowboarding! (Seriously, those snow board boots create the smelliest feet!)

This month I thought I would share with you my answers to some commonly asked beauty questions:

My hands look older than my face, what can I do to make them look younger? 

Firstly, treat them with the love and care your face receives; exfoliate, moisturise and use a sunblock. Reverse the damage with one or two IPL treatments, which will soften the sun spots and soften the lines.

What are those small red dots on my face and chest?
In most cases these are burst capillaries, and depending on the location and size, they can be treated with electrolysis. A small disposable needle uses heat to cauterise the blood vessel. It usually disappears over the next few days. Occasionally, several treatments may be required.

I always get in-grown hairs on my bikini line after waxing or shaving? 
Exfoliating and moisturising definitely help, but in all my years of beauty therapy, the best treatment I've found is PFB roll on serum. Used daily after the hair removal, it starts working within 24 hours. It reduces redness and in-growns hugely. My partner started using it on his neck after shaving, and he hasn't had a shaving rash since. Highly recommend it, and at $27, it's a bargain.

What's one skin care product I can buy to make me look younger?
Sunblock! I've made no secret of the fact that the reason I don't look my age, is because I shun the sun. Reapply if you're outdoors for long periods, and find a quality one packed with antioxidants which help maximise the effectiveness of the sun protection.

Do expensive serums really work?
I can't speak for all serums, but with Ultraceuticals, the brand I stock, they are slightly higher priced than your standard supermarket serums, as they source better quality grades of active ingredients. Take vitamin A for example; there are a few in that group, such as retinol or retinal, and some produce better results than others, with fewer side effects. In small doses, some barely do anything at all. Good quality raw materials do cost a bit more, but the results are likely to be more dramatic with a more intensive professional serum.

That's all from me this month but before I go, here's September’s offer:

by Amanda Care