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Food for the soul at Northart

Northart’s great run of exciting exhibitions continues through September – indeed until the end of the year!
In the window galleries over the next month we are delighted to present a smaller version of Logan Brewer’s very popular and accomplished Waitemata  Series exhibition of steel sculpture and drawings. These reference Auckland and the relationships we have with the land, the sea and the harbour, and with sailing; they filled the main gallery for a couple of weeks last month and by having them in the window galleries we are able to extend their ‘season’ for a month or so. The window galleries are viewable day and night, so if you are in Northcote dining at one of the many fine Asian eating houses and restaurants, do walk down to Northart and take a look – the evening lighting adds to the dramatic effect.
Three painting exhibitions open to the public on September 9th and continue until 24th.  One is a group exhibition by six artists (all women) who have very different means of expression and concerns as artists. Helen Schamroth’s works in the show, for example, continue to explore the sculptural qualities of the humble zip. 2013, it turns out, is the centenary of the zip – a fact Helen discovered only after she first started integrating zips into her art practice. For Helen the zip has become a metaphor for revealing the past; the firmly closed zip suggesting secrets and hidden family stories, the open zip referencing the discovery and emergence of that family history. In contrast to Helen’s more abstracted works, the collaged prints of Janis Marler Harkess are figurative. She uses line and texture to create environmental situations for the figures creating ambiguous spaces suggestive of thoughtless, urbanised environments.  Other artists in the show include painters Suzanne Ashmore, Fiona Gray and Gretl Barzotto and textile artist Alison Midgelow-Marsden.
In galleries 4 and 5 over the same dates are solo exhibitions by Melissa Martyn - Time Pieces - which references the seasons and flora and fauna of Aotearoa/New Zealand, and Trish Northey who is exhibiting a series of atmospheric landscapes.
Later in the month is an exhibition by local Chinese photographers, friends and associates to celebrate the national day of the Peoples Republic of China on  October 1st (it opens Friday 27 and continues until 2 October), and an exhibition entitled 3.15 which is of multi-media works by art teachers, senior students and past students at Westlake Girls High School, 3.15 (pm) being the end of the school day and referencing that the creative and learning process is a continuous one for staff and students alike. It runs from 30 September until 16 October.
The Northart winter seminar series is drawing to an end.  The final speaker for the year will be Carole Anne Meehan, Public Art Manager for Auckland Council. She works with the regions artists, Maori and Local Boards to ease the common distinctions between art, audience and artists within the public arena. Her talk will be on Wednesday 11 September starting at 7pm.
Gallery Time for Kids continues on the first and third Sunday morning of each month. 

Northart, Norman King Square, Ernie Mays Street,
Northcote Shopping Centre
Phone 09 480 9633

Northart is supported by Auckland Council and the
Birkenhead Licensing Trust and is open 10am – 4pm daily, evening viewings by arrangement. Admission is free.

by Channel Editorial