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The Pasta Shop Introduces Magic in Meals in Minutes.

Pasta is a healthy quick alternative in the kitchen and over the next six months we will be introducing you to some fresh tasty ideas from our kitchen.

Our fresh pasta takes approx. 3 - 5 minutes to cook in boiling salted water and our stir through sauces make a mouth watering combination that you can add your take on. Ideal for your fast paced lives, you can come up with a great meal done in under 15 minutes.
Ideal for family meals, entertaining, or just as a yummy treat for yourself. This month we have teamed up our fresh Parsley Pappardelle pasta with our Citrus Prawn Sauce. A match made in heaven.

Zesty Snapper

Cooking time 15 minutes comfortably feeding four
600 grams snapper skin on and scaled
350 grams parsley pappardelle
2 x 350ml citrus prawn sauce
Herb to garnish
50ml Olive Oil

Preheat oven to 200 degrees C
Place approximately 1.5 litres of salty water in a pot and set to boil, while you wait for water to boil -
cut snapper fillets on a slight angle and lighly toss in olive oil salt and pepper.
Get a large frying pan smoking hot and gently place snapper fillets flesh side down and sear for one minute, turn gently with a fish slice and place in oven for five minutes.
While the snapper cooks in the oven place pappardelle in boiling water and cook for two minutes, drain and add citrus prawn sauce.
Take the snapper out of the oven and season.
Place pappardelle on a plate and place prawns randomly around the pasta, place snapper skin side up on the top of pasta and garnish
with herbs.

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by Channel Editorial