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The way we listen to music nowadays is changing. Having the time to look through your CD and/or Vinyl Record collection is becoming a rarity indeed.

Instead, we have moved to choosing our music electronically on an IPad, IPhone or equivalent device. Doing it this way is so convenient; but with all its benefits, there are pitfalls to consider.

Quality of the music file itself is of utmost importance. They say "You can't get blood out of a stone" - and whoever came up with those wise words, couldn't be more right!

Let’s face it, everyone loves music in the home. Music replay or reproduction has undergone some huge changes in the home over the last few years. Traditional CD replay has dramatically dropped by the wayside for many uses.

Shore Hi-fi has amongst the most specialised staff in New Zealand who, collectively, have well over 60 years of industry experience both nationally and internationally. This means that the customer gains expert advice specifically designed for their individual needs. John, Anthony and Palmer work as a team to pass on their knowledge of new innovations in home audio, including streaming of music, downloading and storing music files.

For the first time in years, the public has driven these changes, not the big music distributors, forcing you, the consumer, down a particular path.

The home computer has played a huge part in bringing multimedia playback to the consumer. However, the ability to cater for the entire family’s music to be stored on the trusty computer - these files can quickly become unwieldy - requires good management. Shore Hi-fi can advise on the best method in which to accomplish this!

We also specialise in obtaining the very best sound quality from the music "stored" on you PC, and we even have solutions whereby the home computer is not used at all.

 And for those of you confused by acronyms like .MP3.FLAC.WAV and a whole host of nonsensical abbreviations - we can help "demystify" the jargon by talking to you in easy to understand language.

Come in and talk to us about anything Hi-fi, be it turntables (or anything vinyl for that matter), streaming, music storage on a computer, or any hi-fi question, we are ready to help!

Shore Hi-fi, 1 Byron Ave, Takapuna 09 486 4494


by Channel Editorial