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Beat the Bounce! Support your Breasts...

It’s that time of year again where we all are thinking that we want to shape up for summer. So why not start off with a brand new sports bra? Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies.

I myself am guilty of not wearing a sports bra to all of my training sessions and after doing more research into this particular topic, I will definitely be wearing one and I hope you come to the same conclusion.

Many women neglect to look after their breasts and if we are willing to buy supported and cushioned shoes for our feet then why not our breasts. A correctly fitted sports bra offers a high level of support and comfort, which most women would like to have during their workout. The benefits of wearing a sport bra is that they cut down the breast movement by 60-80%, support your back and shoulders giving you better posture, which means better stance. And during physical activity, help absorb sweat to keep you dry and light.
The ramifications of not wearing a sport bra can cause increased discomfort during a workout, future back problems and yes, I’m going to say it, sagging breasts. With the average 36C breast weighing between 250-300 grams, this movement puts a strain on the fragile support structure of our breasts, which are basically made up of a fatty tissue therefore an excessive amount of bounce over time can stretch the ligament and cause the sagging no matter the cup size! So why not invest in one?
At Stirling Sports Takapuna and Albany, we understand this problem and have three main options for you and here’s a little information to steer you in the
right direction:

  1. The Armour Bra ‘Made for you’: Under armour knows you are not the same as everybody else. That’s why the thoughtful construction of this bra is laser-focused on making it fit exactly the right way on your body. They are sized for both band and cup for your exact fit, removable perforated quick dry cups for support, shape and modesty. The benefits of the armour bra are strategic mesh venting for cool, dry and light comfort, ultra soft back closure system (B-DD), bonded seam free interior for support and anti-chafing and smart fabrics which wick sweat and move with you. RRP: $99.99

  2. Shock Absorber Run Bra:  Extreme support with 78% bounce reduction, soft seamless inner cups for minimal friction, upper back support, padded straps, quick dry, moisture wicking chest band, concealed elastic under arms to reduce chaffing and high performance fabrics to keep you cool. RRP $109.99

  3. Shock Absorber Max sports Bra:  60% bounce reduction, internal cup sized support, highly padded and adjustable straps for extra support, inner support sling, a sporty crop top style with internal cup sized support and also moisture wicking, breathable and high performance fabrics to keep you cool. RRP $109.99

    Come into Stirling Sports Takapuna and Albany and our knowledgeable ladies will fit you into the right-sized sports bra to help you perform better - Grace Carmichael, Assistant Manager, Stirling Sports Takapuna.
by Channel Editorial