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Make Way for Minty Meets Munt

It was a seminal moment for locally-owned brand Minty Meets Munt when Kelly Osbourne wore one of their dresses on the cover of Cleo magazine. It spoke of how far owners Yvonne and Brent McCarty had come in establishing the name as a reflection of the edgy vibrant style they themselves epitomise.

Takapuna last month welcomed Minty Meets Munt to Hurstmere Road and fashionistas can give thanks to the style gods for this breath of very fresh air to the Shore. The fresh face of the new Hurstmere Road store is stylist Pamela Hodge.

As a fashion model, Pam worked with such designers as Paula Ryan, Caroline Sills, Scope, Verge, Trelise Cooper and Liz Mitchell. She is a former Miss Zealand contestant and has a stunning presence in this high-fashion store. Pam has a qualification in Design and Textile Technology and a keen appreciation of high fashion, avidly following the international catwalk shows and associated trends.
“It’s a gorgeous store, isn’t it,” said Shore local Pam. “And it’s not a bad view either!” She says gesturing outside across Hurstmere Road to the ocean and Rangitoto. Pam gives a welcome smile and can offer her expert eye to clients wanting to add a Minty Meets Munt look to their wardrobe.
Super-stylish couple Yvonne and Brent live on the same road as their central Takapuna store. They are bringing a new brand of fashion to the Shore, a brand that is making waves on the international stage.
Brent said: “It is leading edge fashion with inspiration coming straight from the catwalks throughout the world.  We look at what’s featuring in Milan, New York, Paris, London and put our spin on it.
“It’s young. It’s fresh and it’s reaching a wider market than we initially imagined it would.”
Though initially targeted at the 18-28 age range, the team have discovered that pieces are also appealing to mums of the clients they expected to be the shop’s customer base.
Yvonne said: “We look at MMM as being a brand that we can take to the globe, and we are already doing this: We have a retail store in Sydney and are launching in the USA this month.”
“Our goal is to open up more stores in Melbourne, for example, and we may well open more stores in New Zealand. In Australia the brand is very well known already and we thought we would try the pop-up concept here in Takapuna to test the market response here.”
Takapuna is lucky to have Minty Meets Munt in the neighbourhood. Spring collection is now in store.

Minty Meets Munt, Hurstmere Road, Takapuna

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