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Confessions of a personal trainer

The YMCA has a number of personal trainers catering for the needs of clients of all ages. If you feel you could benefit from a supervised exercise programme call the YMCA now on 480 7099.

Adam Stuart Christian, 29, has become one of the busiest and most sought after personal trainers within the YMCA organisation in New Zealand, and he works right here on North Shore.

Adam, originally from England, has an extensive experience in sports and uses it in his training to ensure that his clients get diverse and entertaining training sessions.

Adam said: “As I have done mixed martial arts, boxing, rugby league, cricket and soccer, my experience with sport and training has shaped me into the trainer I am today. With a varied and extensive background in sports, I am able to use different training styles and methods when I train my clients. Several clients want entertaining and diverse sessions, and the inclusion of sport specific exercises are always welcome!”

Although Adam focuses on an entertaining training session, he believes it is the customer service that separates him from other trainers.

“The client is always the most important person and I always ensure that he/she is satisfied with the training and what I offer,” he said. “In addition to personal training I also do boot camps, and if a personal trainer client performs really well or meets his/her goals, I often give them two boot camp sessions for free. I also offer free consultations; an initiative which allows the client to find out what he/she can expect from me without additional costs.”

Adam explains that his desire to continuously increase his training knowledge is vital to ensure that his clients always get the best from him.

“Information and scientific articles are published all the time in the world of fitness and training. I always read scientific articles and confer with other trainers to ensure that I provide my clients with safe and effective training sessions.

“Many clients come to me with injuries or issues that impair them in their sport or just their daily living. Based on previous experience and theory, I create safe and effective training sessions which help them recover. Safety is always the most important element in a training session and should never be neglected.

Many people find it hard to motivate themselves when it comes to training, however Adam explains that his approach varies from person to person.

“When I motivate my clients I never use the same approach. Some people require you to be a bit more gentle and supportive, whereas others want you to really push them. Not every client tells you how they want you to be, so your ability to read their body language and how they communicate is of great importance. If your theoretical background and people skills are present, everything is there for you to excel at your job!”

And Adam`s advice to those who want to become a personal trainer:

“Continuously read new studies, don`t be close-minded and listen to other trainers. Never believe your approach is the only one that is correct: there are always multiple approaches to training.”

Term 3 Programmes At The YMCA

Enrol your child now for Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics or Dance classes at the YMCA.

Our classes provide children (2-12yrs) with the opportunity to learn a variety of gymnastic, agility and dance skills. Classes are taught in a structured but fun environment with all ability levels catered for.

Classes consist of basic body movement, strength and conditioning and a variety of skills easily transferable to other sports and disciplines. For further information call 480 7099 or go to


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