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INTERIOR TRENDS: with Amanda Niell

Passion for Paper

After years of being out of fashion, wallpaper has made a huge comeback. Amanda Neill, leading Auckland Interior Designer talks wallpaper and how to use it to update your space.
There were many interior casualties during the minimalist 90’s period. As we moved forward towards the new millennium our homes reflected this new futuristic vision. Gone was the colour within our homes - neutral was the key. The way we lived changed forever, individual rooms that made way for open plan living. Clutter was removed and only essential items were on display. As we all stripped back our homes we lost a lot of what made our houses our homes, and one of the biggest decorative features was no longer du jour – wallpaper.
Wallpaper has been part of our homes throughout history but its widespread use goes hand in hand with technology. With the invention of wide scale machine printing in the 19th century wallpaper went from a luxurious commodity to commonplace in our homes. The current revitalization of wallpaper is also attributed to our 21st century new technologies.  We can now print just about anything and any design for wallpaper.
We have recently seen some amazing digital prints that look like watercolours. We have seen real-life photography used as the wallpaper print and more vivid use of colour through out designs as our printers become more precise and accurate. Wallpaper that has been designed to look like wood, concrete, tiles or marble, known as the tromp l’oeil style – or art that creates the illusion of being real.  These styles have been popular throughout history but are now back in fashion to create impact and break up white space. Better paper is being used to print on, which means a lot stronger paper, that is much easier to hang than in years gone by. As these new technologies become more available the range of wallpaper on offer is expanding at a rate we have never seen before. If you can imagine it, there will be a paper to reflect it.
Many of the design projects we are working on in our studio incorporate a wallpaper feature both at the request of the client and also through our recommendation. Including wallpaper in schemes is a vital one, and the choice of wallpaper affects the mood and style of the room, and may influence the choice of other furnishing. The wallpaper itself may be indicative of the function of the room and will often reflect the inhabitants of the home.
Wallpaper is the most eloquent embodiment of changing interior fashions. There is a paper to suit every home. We hold a large range at our studio, and if you think you would like to include wallpaper as part of your scheme why not drop by our studio or call us. We are more than happy to help you find the paper that is right for you and have a fantastic team of installers that can work to make your vision become a reality. Come in and see us today!
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by Amanda Neill