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From a lengthy, challenging jigsaw to a rapid-fire round of a fun card game, the pleasures of getting together with family for a good old-fashioned game are many.
Winter is the ideal time to snuggle down in the living room or gather around the kitchen table for a bit of indoor fun.
The Puzzle Shop on the Wharf in Devonport is a mecca for family-friendly indoor entertainment.

Owner Petro De Bruyn hopes to create fond family memories amongst her customers, just as she has of her own younger days.
“I used to love playing games as a child with the family; all sitting round to play board games and do puzzles together. Those memories are priceless and we don’t always appreciate that when we’re younger. But these really are family memories that you cannot replace.”
The hand-held electronic games of the 21st century are not often shared with family members and, as such, are not likely to provide the magical memories of tomorrow.
Petro owns the Devonport Ferry Building shop with husband Rudi. The couple are expecting the arrival of their first child as this Channel issue goes to print. It is for this reason that the couple have decided to reduce the shop’s opening hours for the coming months to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Their business is, however, always open online at
Tourists often stop by the colourful store to have a look at New Zealand’s largest completed jigsaw puzzle, which contains a staggering 18,000 pieces. There are jigsaws for the beginner to the advanced, as well as a huge collection of games for young and old.
A popular game with customers - including some of the Channel team - is the quick-fire card game Dobble. Players race against their opponents to find matching symbols on their hand-held cards and the ‘thrown down’ card in the cleverly designed pack. A sturdy metal tin means this is the ideal travel game, which will last for generations.
Beautifully New Zealand-made wooden puzzles are always a hit with visitors to the Shore, and a keepsake to treasure for local littlies. Balancing Kiwis and other animals make great gifts for visitors to take home. A range of sturdy metal 3-D puzzles that fit in the palm of your hand, will last a lifetime, are great for tactile puzzling on the go and make a stylish talking point on the coffee table.
Petro, a former accountant, enjoys giving her brain a workout by testing out the products sold.
“There is a lot of basic logic involved in puzzles, which enable you to build your analytical skills and ‘train your brain’. I’m getting pretty good!”
The imminent ‘baby De Bruyn’ is likely to be enjoying many treasured puzzles – and many fond family memories of playing games with her lovely family - for years to come.

The Puzzle Shop On the Wharf, Devonport Wharf 446 6060

by Channel Editorial