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FACE IT: Beauty with Amanda Care

The Next Big Thing!

Channel’s resident beauty expert, Amanda Care of Face It in Devonport, gives readers a monthly insight into what’s happening in the world of skincare. This month she has discovered…

I’m very excited this month to be launching, what I think, is going to be the next biggest thing in skin rejuvenation.

You may have heard of ‘skin needling’, or one of the various other names it goes by, such as Dermarolling, Collagen Induction Therapy or Micro Needling. My initial thoughts were not favourable. The treatment sounded terrible, and I couldn't imagine wanting to use it on my skin, let alone anyone else’s! Having seen the ‘in salon’ manual rollers at international beauty expos, I remained unconvinced. There was also the negative talk about substandard rollers, with needles snapping off the wheels and of distributors using non-medical grade steel.
My skin therapist friends were excited by the results they were achieving, but I still wasn’t convinced it was something I wanted to use on my clients. Only the best for you guys!
Then this happened… a new generation in needling systems was launched. Needling pens that are hygienic, refined enough for use around delicate areas such as under the eyelids, with a vertical needle delivery system. This vertical system penetrates the skin without the risk of tearing or damaging skin tissue, which means less recovery time, less bleeding and less pain.

The Ultraceuticals Direct Needle therapy treatment is clinically tested to improve:

  • skin regeneration
  • skin texture
  • appearance of acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • skin overall, for a more youthful, glowing appearance.

So what’s involved? A numbing cream is applied prior to the treatment, to ensure you have a comfortable experience. Then an intensive serum is applied. This maximises the result as it is ‘stamped in’ by the ultra-fine, medical grade needles in the pen.
After the treatment it will look like you have moderate sunburn, which usually settles after 24 hours. A follow up regime after your treatment is essential and you will be recommended a skin care programme to use at home to maximise your results. A minimum of four to six treatments is recommended for ultimate skin rejuvenation. New collagen synthesis takes about six weeks, so you can’t expect to see results until after the first few weeks. The big bonus from this treatment is that it will continue to keep remodelling your collagen, (meaning plumper skin), for up to two years!
Excellent for most skin types, I’d recommend this treatment for all those looking to revive their skin’s appearance and texture.

Call me today, or book online at for a no obligation skin consultation, and treatment plan to suit your needs.

by Amanda Care