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On the Ferry with Fullers: Q&A

On the Ferry with Fullers: Bridget Swindlehurst and Joe Gordon

Ferry travel is just one of the many great aspects available to those living and working on the Shore.

Many commuters choose to sail to the city on the services from Devonport, Stanley Bay, Bayswater, Birkenhead, Northcote Point, and most recently this year’s newly added routes from Beach Haven and Hobsonville. But it is not all about travelling to and from work. During the school holidays, plenty of parents, children – and teachers – chose to incorporate a ferry ride into a day trip out from the North Shore. This month, Heather Vermeer caught up with a couple heading off on one of the many day trips that can be enjoyed by Fullers ferry from the Shore…

Names and ranks?
Bridget Swindlehurst, primary school teacher, and Joe Gordon, ‘about to embark on the big OE’!

Where’s home? Joe:  Warkworth  Bridget: Howick.

Why the ferry?
Joe: It’s an easy, low-stress way to travel. We are heading to Waiheke Island for the day for a bit of a tiki tour, so it’s a nice way to start our day out. My dad is over there for work and he’s taking some bikes over for us, so it’ll be great to get out and about on the island. We don’t have a set plan - we’ll just go for a bike ride around and see where we end up! There are lots of places to explore over there. Bridget: It’s a bit of a different way to travel. It beats driving everywhere! It’s nice to be able to sail to Waiheke from here on the Shore. It should be a good day out.

Which ferry?
Devonport to Waiheke and back in a day.

Top deck/bar/outside/below deck?
  Bridget: Up top, definitely!  Joe: Yeah, it’s good to get outside up on the top deck and look at the views.

Have you ever had any memorable experiences whilst on board?
Bridget: This is only about the third time I’ve taken the ferry over and can’t say I’ve ever seen anything out of the ordinary. It’s always a pretty special way to travel though. Joe: There hasn’t been anything in particular, but it’s always been good.

Wish you were getting off (the ferry) in?
Joe: It’d have to be somewhere tropical like the Bahamas! Bridget: Yes, definitely somewhere hot and sunny! Although Waiheke is a great place to be heading to.

And an all-time favourite captain?
Bridget: Richie McCaw, no doubt about it! Joe: Yep, I’d second that. He’s legendary. No competition!


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