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Paperwork anyone?

Number crunching is not everyone’s bag. For this, it’s a good job there are people like Shane Cunliffe around. He’s been making lives easier for over 25 years, the latter of which he has spent at his Milford business SBA -Small Business Accounting.

From its prominent location on the ‘crossroads’ of Kitchener Road and Shakespeare/Omana Roads, the locally-owned and operated accountancy firm has been ably assisting hundreds of North Shore people with their accounting, tax returns, and more for the past three years . Shane and his team of staff are amiable and jovial, but very serious about ‘book work’.

Shane points out that there is very much more to life than number-crunching and hopes he and his team can help many North Shore people enjoy life with family and friends rather than slaving over their paperwork.
He said: “We do the numbers and it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I know! But everybody is really busy these days, we’re all flat stick, and the last thing you want to do if you work hard running your own business, is to spend hours doing your accounts when you get home from work.”
A big draw card towards this particular accountancy company for many of its customers is the no fuss monthly system they operate. Shane explained: “When it comes to the year end, people don’t have to come to us with a big box of paperwork! We make it easier for people by using an online system that links directly to their bank and allows us to maintain monthly records. It’s a system we have offered from the start and, understandably, it’s very popular!”
He finds clients differ greatly from the very hands-on to the ‘you do it all’. He said: “Some people like to have a high level of involvement in their accounts and some are just too busy and want us to deal with it all for them.
“Our motto is: ‘You do what you do best and leave us to do what we do best!”
SBA are your accessible and affordable local accounting people who do all the accounts work you didn’t want to do when you started your business: GST, annual accounts, Tax returns, payroll, PAYE returns, rental accounts – they love them. If you don’t, hand them over to the top team at SBA and get out and
enjoy life!

SBA, 159 Kitchener Road, Milford 09 489 4801

by Channel Editorial