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Knitathon - All you need to know!

Remember, we are knitting up big at the knitathon this year.  Come and register your support!  This event is great fun!

We run the Knitathon to raise funds for The Child Cancer Foundation.  Last year we raised $13,000 and we would like to improve on this. Let’s set our sights on $20,000!

How do we raise money through this event?
The participants of the knitathon/quiltathon get their friends and colleagues to sponsor the time they spend participating.
We auction off all items that are made.
We auction off all items donated by individuals and local businesses.

When is the event? It starts at 9.00am on Friday 23 August and runs for 48 hours non-stop until Sunday 25th August 9am.

What happens to the rugs and quilts we make? 
They will go up for auction beginning of October. This gives us time to finish any unfinished items. 
As and when they are finished, we will put the rugs on display prior to the auction.

What to do to be part of the Knitathon event?
register by calling into the store, emailing or phoning us on 4862724
get a copy of a sponsor form (we can email or you can pick up from the store)
get your friends and colleagues to sponsor the time that you are going to spend at the Knitathon
tell us if you want to be part of one of the teams to make a designer rug or quilt

Calling all local businesses - you can donate items for auction to help us reach our goal! Please email or call Linda or Kerry on 4862724. Anything that you can do to support this worthy cause will be appreciated!
Tinie Peppercorn has already crocheted a lovely rug to donate and is onto her second rug...well done Tinie!
Crafty Knitwits Limited, 101, Kitchener Road, Milford. Phone: 486 2724 or

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