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Molton Brown is a well-established twenty-five year old hairdressing salon on the North Shore. It moved from Devonport to Milford eleven years ago, and it is flourishing under the guidance of Elizabeth Rutland. 

Elizabeth has worked at Molton Brown for the last seven years, since emigrating from London in 2006. She bought the business five years ago and hasn’t looked back.

When asked what sets her salon apart from the rest she commented: “We offer top end, unique, products and services including Organic Hair Colour, Great Lengths Hair Extensions, and Nioxin Nioscope. Our stylists are highly trained and experienced in their craft.”
Her own specialty is hair extensions. She first started working with Great Lengths Hair Extensions in England, and after researching many other brands, she believes that they are by far the best quality.
“Hair extensions offer a solution for people who have fine hair or want longer hair. It’s a very rewarding service for me as a hairdresser, to give people the hair they thought they could never have.”
Elizabeth’s especially excited about introducing a new product this month – Nioxin Nioscope. The Nioxin system promotes healthy hair and scalp, while assisting with hair growth. Over fifty percent of people experience hair loss at some point, whether it be hormonal, stress induced, or age related, and many people find it extremely distressing.
The Molton Brown team can examine people’s hair and scalp under a microscope, before treating areas of concern with Nioscope, and then monitoring the results.
This month Molton Brown are offering a special introductory offer – A Nioscope Scalp and Hair Analysis, Purification Treatment, Personalised Homecare System (including shampoo, conditioner, treatment), as well as the first follow up appointment for $150.
Elizabeth is a huge fan of Milford, and she is ideally positioned opposite the Milford Mall at 5 Milford Road.
“It has a great balance of large and small businesses. It’s nice to retain privately owned businesses and keep a sense of community, which is so easily lost in bigger towns. Milford certainly has a village atmosphere, but it still offers a great range in fashion, cafes, and books,” she said.
She’s also a fan of the North Shore lifestyle.
“I love the laid back beach vibe, the fresh sea air, and the proximity to the beach. It’s like living on holiday!”

Molton Brown, Shop 2, 5 Milford Road, Milford 09 489 5074

by Channel Editorial