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Squash and our Asian Community

The Chinese and Korean communities are the 2nd largest ethnic group on the Shore after European with half of those under the age of 25. With that demographic it is hardly surprising that the North Shore Squash Club and it’s regional body, Squash Auckland discussed the recruitment of an Asian Coach to promote squash to this burgeoning ethnic group.

Fortuitously Sue Kim, a Masters graduate in Physical Education of Jeonju University who rose to prominence in her home country in the late 90’s before her appointment as Assistant National Coach to the Korean Women’s Team in 2002, was visiting New Zealand with the double aim of improving her English language skills and of course squash. With a little help from yet another chance visitor from her homeland, Isaac Lim President of the Korean Squash Federation, the discussions soon became a reality and Sue is now resident on the Shore and operates from the North Shore Squash Club.

Squash Auckland were quick to develop a six week squash programme for Sue, specifically targeting beginners, and so successful has it been that 50 Asian juniors are now members of the North Shore Squash Club and have progressed to playing inter-club and regularly enter regional and national tournaments.

“Through these tournaments it is very evident our young players have developed self confidence and pride in their achievements” says an always beaming Sue Kim. “Squash really suits the Asian physique; we are lithe, agile and quick; just what is required for the game of Squash” and adding with a chuckle….. “it is an inexpensive sport too.”

The best way for players of any age group to gauge their interest in the sport is to contact Sue on  0212448053 for a free clinic between 7.00pm and 9.00pm on every Saturday evening at the North Shore Squash Club, Shea Tce (opposite the Shea Tce Hospital entrance).

For further information and membership details please contact Marjorie Barnett of the North Shore Squash Club on 489 4760, email  or visit

by Channel Editorial