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Education: Rosmini College

Trip to Japan in April 2013

A group of Japanese language students (Jacob Ngaha, Andrew Kim, Ethan Breinhorst, Patrick Shanahan, Jackson Walker and Liam Wilson) had a most memorable and exciting trip to Japan during the last school holidays.
They were involved in a range of activities including making an original rice paddle, wearing Samurai and Ninja costumes, attending a traditional tea ceremony and many other activities.
The students shared New Zealand and Rosmini culture with their Japanese hosts including the Haka. They also gave speeches in Japanese and exchanged gifts. They visited many historic places such as the Hiroshima Peace Park, two castles, two shrines, three temples and the Imperial Palace.  Another highlight was visiting the Sky Tree – the tallest tower in the world (634 metres).  It was a trip of a lifetime and if there are sufficient numbers we intend to make the trip a regular fixture on the Rosmini calendar.

by Channel Editorial