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INTERIOR TRENDS: with Amanda Niell

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We are now half way through the year and the renovation season is well under way.  Amanda Neill, leading Auckland Interior Designer talks Interior Design and how it can enhance your space and make it work for you.
You may be building a new home, renovating a current property or updating a kitchen or bathroom. No matter what stage you are at it’s never too soon to start incorporating interior design into you plan and budget.
Designing your interior space is not just about incorporating the latest trends or choosing a fantastic colour. Functionality is the most important part of great design. No matter what part of your home you are renovating, functionality should be at the forefront of all of your decisions.  Kitchens are especially important and need to be well thought out - is your sink near your cooktop for draining hot food? Can you easily reach the plate cupboard from the dishwasher? How easy is it to access the back of your pantry? In the bathroom, do you have to walk from the shower to the towel rail or is it easily accessed? Are the bathroom amenities spaced well for access and function? All these may seem like small decisions, but when connecting new electricity or plumbing, not making the right decision initially, can really be costly in the long run.
These decisions don’t only affect structural work. When choosing a paint and paint colour, make sure it works for you and your lifestyle. Can the surface be cleaned once the paint is applied? If the space is lacking natural light should it really be painted a dark colour that will make it darker still?  When choosing flooring are you looking at a high foot traffic area like the entrance, will carpet work or will it need a more hardwearing material?  By making these decisions up front you will be able to clearly communicate with your contractors what you want and what you need.
How you live is unique to you and it has to work with your lifestyle. Once decisions have been made you can move confidentially through your project and each of its stages without too many surprises. To achieve the design you really want, planning is key, and make sure you enjoy the process!
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by Amanda Neill