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At TheMat A Yoga Space in Milford, we take pride in offering you a variety of yoga classes to choose from. Our teachers are steeped in the tradition of Astanga Yoga, which is a flowing, dynamic style of yoga, that becomes a moving meditation.
In addition to the Beginners, Intermediate and Mysore style Astanga classes we offer, we also have some more gentle restorative and stress relieving classes available. These are suitable for anyone, and especially beneficial for those suffering from high stress levels, anxiety, depression, chronic muscle or joint pain, arthritis or reduced mobility.
The beginners flow class on Tuesday 9:30-10:30am with Maddy creates a lovely balance of energising the body and calming the mind.  It focuses on technique, body alignment and different variations of the poses and is suitable for all levels.
The restorative class on Thursday evenings 7:15-8:15pm with Liz focuses on longer and deeper openings, using support props, to allow a surrender of the mind and body, and release muscle tension. It also has a deeply meditative and soothing aspect, leaving you feeling "restored"!
We also offer pre-natal and mums and bubs yoga classes - wonderful accompaniments to the journey through motherhood. During a typical pre natal yoga class we focus on breathing techniques to manage shortness of breath during pregnancy and to help work through contractions during labour. We also focus on gentle stretching to keep you moving well despite the extra weight your body is carrying.  
Our Mums and Bubs classes offer a relaxed, nurturing and fun environment to bond with your baby, get your yoga practice in and care for your little one all at the same time. The class is run with space and time for breast feeds, cuddles, crying and interaction with your little ones (up to 2 years old) so that both of you leave feeling calm, connected, stretched and strengthened.
At the end of all of our restorative and more gentle yin inspired classes we do a cool down and relaxation to bring about a state of self awareness and inner calm.

TheMat, 107 Kitchener Road, Milford. Phone 963 2352 or visit

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