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So what's NEW in Milford this JUNE!

Oxford Dictionary Definition: a particular area or place considered together with its inhabitants.

My focus this month is on our community in Milford and the great relationships between stakeholders. I have recently been a party to the Milford Vision group, set up by Peter Carter, with funding from our Devonport Takapuna Local Board. What an inspiring concept and Peter and the board are to be congratulated on being bold enough to let the community decide what they would like in the future rather than some planners from an office far removed, imposing their ideas.
Peter uses the term ‘bottom up’ planning – meaning the ideas come from the stakeholders in the community, who have a passion for seeing the unique development of their area based on values developed over generations of local people.
As a result of this consultation process, Peter has produced a document for the local board to consider, that offers a real alternative to the councils Unitary Plan. The mayor, Len Brown, has already conceded that there are many communities around Auckland that have not been happy with the level of intensification and has ordered changes to the intensification around town centres – Milford being one of the ones mentioned in his speech.
This is a real victory for democracy and vindicates the effort put in by all our local stakeholders. Hopefully, now, council planners will interact with local communities, like ours, getting realistic feedback from stakeholders and base plans for the intensification of each community on its own unique values.
I think most acknowledge there will be a need for more housing options within existing communities, but it is the manner in which those plans are developed that will decide how appropriate and successful they are. It is great being involved in Milford, as we are leading the way that, if accepted by council, will produce robust, liveable communities all around the
Auckland isthmus.

The business association is intrinsically involved with many of our community stakeholders. Some recent new initiatives are:

Mentoring Programme
We were approached by a group of Westlake Girls High School students to see if we could provide a mentor for them to assist with a business plan as part of their studies. Our Chairman, Tony Sands, principal of Sands & Associates Accountants, volunteered and is doing an outstanding job guiding this next generation of entrepreneurs. They will be producing a product later in the year – we will keep you posted so that you can also assist these students by purchasing their products.
Recently, Tony and I met with representatives of Milford Primary School to set up guidelines of how we can work together more with the objective that the whole community gains from the initiative. Already, through our mutual association with the Auckland Symphony Orchestra, we have students from the school performing with the orchestra and meeting with musicians. We hope to see the continued development of the talented young musicians at the school. Expect also to see groups of these children performing their music in the Village Square and other areas around the shopping centre.

Baptist Church Car Park
Yet another initiative is working with the Baptist Church, with whom we already have a great relationship, to secure the car parking spaces that, up until now, have been part of an arrangement between the council and the church.
I will be able to mention more details in a future column.

Mother’s Day Promotion Winners
Congratulations to all the WINNERS listed on the opposite page. It was another great promotion with over half the winners coming from our wonderful selection of shoes stores. Thanks for shopping at your local shopping centre, Milford.

Milford Lights Sponsors
On the opposite page you will see the list of businesses that enable us to provide a point of difference with our branded blue and white lights strategically placed at prominent locations. They certainly brighten up Milford at night and we get plenty of positive feedback.
These five businesses agreed at the outset to pay for the power so that we could make our centre more vibrant. Please show them your support or even just pop in and say thanks.

See you in Milford!
Murray Hill, Manager, Milford Business Association

For details on Milford community groups, go to the Milford Residents Association website:

by Murray Hill