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New fitness centre at Squash Club
Win-win benefits for squash members and hospital personnel

The North Shore Squash Club and the Waitemata District Health Board have signed off on an exciting new initiative which will see a fitness centre for both constructed on Squash Club land in Shea Terrace.

Sam Bartrum, WDHB Director of Human Resources was tasked with the challenge of finding space for a fitness centre on North Shore Hospital land already under pressure for new clinical facilities when he saw the synergies a co-operation with an existing aerobic sport such as squash would provide.
In a win-win for both, the WDHB and Squash club will have a first class fitness centre built for least cost and maximum efficiency through the utilisation of existing squash amenities such as changing rooms, showers, lounge and hospitality facilities.
The WDHB operates in the largest and second fastest growing population of all districts – over 558,000 people, with the population expected to grow by an additional 119,000 people over the next 15 years. To meet the challenges such growth presents, the WDHB has been forced to be innovative in its approach to all sectors of health care and none more so than in the retention and well being of their 6500 plus staff.
Sam Bartrum is adamant that a fitness centre and annexed squash facility will be a key instrument in maintaining a healthy work force better capable of handling the extreme stress and physical demands the health sector provides.
Membership of the squash club will now include the added benefit of a fitness centre and president Bob Campton sees this as key to attracting new membership and the retention of existing members.
Construction is anticipated to commence within the next six months with completion before February 2014.

For further information and membership details please contact Marjorie Barnett of the North Shore Squash Club on 489 4760, email  or visit

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