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Cinema and Performing Arts at The Vic, Devonport

Help Fundraise for The Vic!

Fund-raising is gathering pace to help one of the Shore’s iconic treasures remain a viable arts venue for the community.

The Victoria Theatre in Devonport is the oldest purpose-built cinema in the Southern Hemisphere and rapidly needs to update its projection systems by the end of the year when new releases will no longer be available in the traditional 35mm film.

Without new releases, the audience numbers at The Vic are certain to plummet. So the cinema has to move with the times and installing new digital projection for the cinema doesn’t come cheap. With this upgrade, however, The Vic will become a state of the art facility, with new screen, new audio system and a projector capable of 3D projection and High Frame Rate projection – meaning the cinema will be able to show the very latest that Hollywood has to offer.
Over $93,000 is in fact the cost of the upgrade, which must be completed by the end of 2013.
The Victoria Theatre Trust Board member David Downes told a meeting of The Friends of The Vic: “We have to be masters of our own destiny! We are one of several independent cinemas across New Zealand that faces the problem of converting to digital. If the community gets behind us, I’m confident we’ll do it.”
So far, over half of the funding has been raised through the sterling efforts of the Board in applying to various funding bodies and grants organisations. A thermometer, on the doors to the 100-year-old venue, tells theatre-goers and passers-by that the current total, as at the end of May,
is $53,000.
A raffle was seen as another way to boost the fund-raising effort and spread the word about the theatre’s plight. Board chairwoman Margot McRae urges the community to get involved.
She said: “We had amazing support from the community in terms
of prizes that have been donated. Now we need to sell all 450 books
of tickets!”
The main prize in ‘The Devonport Experience’ Raffle is a luxury weekend staying at the five star Peace & Plenty Inn, with fine dining, pampering and, of course, movies. A supermarket dash, tour of a Navy vessel, beauty treatments and dining out vouchers are among other prizes. Tickets are
just $5.
Benefitz, the wider company that publishes Channel Magazine, has kindly printed the raffle tickets and promotional poster material to aid The Vic’s efforts.

Buy tickets at The Vic or arrange to collect a book by e-mailing or calling 021 758 967. The raffle will be drawn
on June 30th and all prizes are to be redeemed by October 1st.

by Channel Editorial