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Iconic play Glengarry Glen Ross comes to the Shore

Always be closing.  Three words that sum up the philosophy of the characters engaging in any number of unethical and illegal schemes to sell undesirable real estate to unwitting buyers in David Mamet's iconic play Glengarry Glen Ross.  

Shoreside Theatre brings the play to North Shore audiences in May, at Theatreworks in Birkenhead.

Pitted against each other in a ruthless sales competition, four real estate agents vie for top place on the sales leaderboard. At the end of the month first place wins a new car, second place a set of steak knives and third place gets fired.  The pressure on the agents intensifies as the end of the month approaches – with two agents yet to make a sale.

Mamet’s comedy is ruthless in its depiction of the men and women whose lives and values are twisted in order to survive.

Tracey van Lent, who plays angry and bitter "Dianne Moss", worked as a real estate salesperson for six years.  "It wasn't exactly like Glengarry Glen Ross, thankfully, but there are still agents out there who will screw their competition over at every opportunity, and sometimes your competition is sitting at the desk next to you!" she says.

The play’s director, James Bell, says he is lucky to have actors involved who have experienced working in the world of commission sales.  "They’ve been through the same highs and lows that the characters in the play experience, which really adds to the depth of their performance," he says.

Glengarry Glen Ross premiered in 1984, and won the Pulitzer Prize for drama that year. A film adaption of the play staring Al Pacino and Jack Lemmon followed in 1992. Mamet based the play on his own experiences working in a real estate office, and despite being nearly 30 years old; the speculative real estate investments that led to the recent global financial crisis prove the play’s themes are timeless.  “As long as desperate people clash for clients, payoffs and power, this play will remain relevant and entertaining,” van Lent says.

Shoreside Theatre's production at Theatreworks in Birkenhead runs from 16 May - 25 May.  Tickets are available from iTicket by calling 361 1000, or at online by visiting

Prices range from $18.00 - $24.00 with discounts available for seniors, students and groups.


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