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Acid Rain, Hard Water or Water Spotting

Rob Bonnici is the Car Guy. Rob lives, eats and breathes car cleaning products and services. Having a background in chemicals, car cleaning products and now owning a seven day a week car cleaning and grooming centre, he is without a doubt the most passionate and the most knowledgeable car guy in New Zealand. Rob, along with his wife Siobhan, owns Car-fé facing the motorway in Barry’s Point Road, Takapuna. Rob is more than happy to help you out with any car cleaning issues. Email: or Phone 488-7000.

Acid rain is an international problem. Pollutants from cities get carried miles above the atmosphere and can be dumped hundreds of kilometres from where they are formed.

When marble surfaces such as on statues are exposed to rain, they develop a rough “sugary” texture because the calcite grains are loosened as the edges dissolve in the rain water.
As shown in photos above, this is a common site for vehicles in New Zealand. Our water is no different and its level of hardness fluctuates around the country.
The main way to help prevent this damage is to always ensure that your car has a polish or wax applied on a regular basis.
Did you know the best prevention is not to let water dry on your car? If your car lives outside invest in a car cover. One of the culprits is the household water sprinkler, especially in the summer. Dark cars get affected worst because of the heat that the car generates. The water droplet hits the car and then dries out fast. H2O evaporates leaving behind the acidic solid which attaches itself and etches into your paint work. When this is left every day it hardens and makes the removal extremely difficult.

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by Rob Bonnici