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INTERIOR TRENDS: with Amanda Niell

Designing Window Treatments

Our long hot summer finally comes to an end, the clocks have gone back and the colder months are on their way. Amanda Neill, leading Auckland Interior Designer talks Window Treatments and how to choose which is the best for your home.
Window Treatments aren’t just functional, they are a key design statement within your home. They not only look beautiful but give you privacy, insulate for both heat & sound, and can act as a barrier from the harsh New Zealand sun to stop your interiors fading over time.
There are many options for which type of window treatment to use for each window. Traditionally drapery has been used, but now days the options are endless with currently the most popular being sheers, roller blinds, venetian blinds, shutters and shades.
When deciding on what type of window treatment to use, you need to review the window and what you are trying to achieve. Do you need total privacy at all times? Do you need to let as much light into a dark room as possible? Do you need total light block out during the day? Do you need shade from the sun? By prioritising your requirements you should be able to decide on the right window treatment for you.
The colours and designs available for window treatments today are endless. There is a colour and design to suit all interiors and choosing the right fabric or material can be difficult. It’s best to engage a professional to help you work through exactly what you like and what you need. When choosing a design it’s not only the actual window treatment that you need to decide on but also the linings and hardware. Unless you are very confident in measuring your windows it’s best to get a professional to measure your windows, if the measurements of the window treatment are wrong once the production has been finished, it can be a very costly mistake!
At our studio in Vauxhall Road, Devonport we hold a large range of window treatment styles as well as fabrics. We are more than happy to help and guide you through the process with a window treatment consultation. Call or drop by our studio to make an appointment.

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by Amanda Neill