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On the Ferry with Fullers: Q&A

On the Ferry with Fullers: Jeff Harris

Sailing to work? There aren’t many places in the world where commuters are afforded such an option. Many North Shore residents choose to make the most of this enviable transport opportunity each working day. Each month, Channel’s Heather Vermeer catches ‘five minutes on the ferry’ with one of the Shore’s ferry commuters. This month we introduce Jeff Harris. British ex-pat Jeff moved here eight years ago with his wife Claire, with whom he has four children. Currently working for an advertising agency in the CBD, Jeff relishes the chance to cross the water to work. In his spare time he fuels his passion for photography by capturing, amongst many subjects, atmospheric landscapes images.

Name and rank?

Jeff Harris, Art Director.

Where's home?

Which crossing?
Devonport to Auckland CBD

Why the ferry?
Have you ever sat in traffic on a motorway in the UK? This must be the best way to get to work anywhere in the world.

On board do you mostly...a) Immerse yourself in a book/newspaper
b) Take in the views and sea air
c) Chat to fellow passengers or
d) Work/play on your phone?

Immerse myself in a book or listen to a podcast, preferably Monocle Weekly, or something from NPR (National Public Record).

In the time the crossing takes you could...?

Answer even more questionnaires.

Fellow ferry passengers - avoid eye contact/smile and vanish/sit and chat?

Hide behind book/magazine/iPad or another passenger.

Any unusual ferry crossing experiences?
One time travelling from Stanley Bay, a ferry was cancelled and the harbourrmaster at the time, who caught the same ferry, rang one of his colleagues and got them to send an inflatable for us. Bit of a choppy crossing, but we made it.

Wish you were alighting in?
A small island somewhere near Fiji.

A favourite 'captain'?
Bobby Moore (Former England and West Ham United FC captain).

by Heather Vermeer