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FACE IT: Beauty with Amanda Care

Beauty to Hawaii & Back!

Our resident North Shore beauty expert Amanda Care of Face It, Devonport, shares her secrets to looking great through her monthly Channel column. This month Amanda gives us the latest lowdown on facial peels…the good and the bad!

Now, I don’t want to brag, but last week I was lucky enough to be whisked away to Waikiki Hawaii by my boyfriend for a blissful eight days.  Thanks to my Scottish and Irish ancestry there is no chance of a tanning molecule being in my body, so I dutifully got a spray tan before I left, packed a lot of cover-up clothing and purchased a wide brimmed hat as soon as I touched down.

I hadn’t been there before and while the marine life is amazing (seeing four humpback whales breaching had me all teary eyed!), it’s really hot, 32 degrees most days and the humidity is very high.  I spent a lot of time seeking shade and applying sunscreen. My boyfriend says I’m the only person he knows that comes back paler after a beach holiday. I was so proud of that and saw it as a compliment! He, on the other hand, took every opportunity to bake himself, burning himself some days, but got tanned up in the process.  By day eight, he had clusters of not-so-cute freckles under his eyes from all the sun.
The good news is that once his tan subsides, I can lighten that pigmentation with Intense Pulsed Light.  With most tans starting to fade, this is the best time of year to think about facial rejuvenation with IPL. IPL is great whether you want to even up your skin tone or treat some pesky freckles, and it is also anti-aging in that it gives the skin a more youthful dewiness, which continues working for months after a treatment.
It must be noted however, that IPL is not suitable for moles, particularly raised ones, flaky dry patches or anything suspicious or changeable looking. Please see your Doctor or Dermatologist to get those checked.
The process involves a consultation and, if that goes well, a couple of small test patches will be done.  These are crucial, please, if you go anywhere for IPL, make sure they do test patches before your full treatment.  Then we wait a week before doing the full treatment. A full face takes about 20 minutes and it’s not too uncomfortable (I mean, hey, my boyfriend can handle it just fine!).  There may be subtle redness that settles fairly quickly with any sunspots darkening up before fading out.
For best results, a series of three to six treatments spaced apart monthly is recommended.  Combining the IPL with a prior Microdermabrasion really maximises the treatment.  IPL is also suitable for the backs of hands. Sunspots and freckles clear up really well, even after just one treatment, looking smoother and more even, (just ask my Mum).  Take the first step, give me a call and come in to discuss starting your rejuvenation process today. 
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by Amanda Brett