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Crafty Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

As I write this, it is nearly Mother's Day… how time flies! People often ask us about our logo and why we have the fantail as part of it. Well the fantail is a fascinating very busy little bird; building a very beautiful nest with various decayed wood pieces weaving cobwebs to bind and line the nest. Sometimes the female has to build a second nest while the male minds the first nest of chicks, ready for the second lot of eggs to arrive. Our fascination with the fantail is the beautiful use of cobwebs to help build the nest. It reminds us of the creativity we all have in us to make beautiful yet practical things to keep us warm, liven up a room, or just make someone happy by producing something that is wonderful to look at. It is also a wonderful feeling creating something and giving it to someone.
Mothers are like this aren't they? They tend to be busy nurturing, baking, sewing, knitting, dusting, working at jobs so that they can make the nest comfortable. Every mother has her own way of doing this; some work very hard and earn money to make their nest, while others work in the home making the nest a comfortable place to be. Some knit, some crochet, some sew, paint, garden and it goes on. All mothers are different, but they all have the nurturing and well-being of their family in their heart in their own way. So Mother’s Day is such a good way to honour your mother and highlight your appreciation of her special way of nurturing and loving her family.  
Some nice ideas from us for Mother’s Day: Buy her a Crafty Knitwits Gift Voucher and give her the pleasure of choosing or buy her a beautiful gift from our range of ornate candles, make her up a sewing kit in a lovely sewing bag - a lovely KerryAnne carpet bag is a very special gift indeed. If mum knits or crochets, a nice stash of luxurious yarn would be a winner or, if she is a quilter, try buying a variety of Fat Quarters or a Jelly Roll - always appreciated!! We also have some lovely New Zealand made cushion tapestry kits that most mums would be able to cope with. It is hard to cover everything available as a gift for Mum, so visit the store and we’ll be happy to help you choose!  
New yarns on their way in: Notably, a new possum range from Naturally (New Zealand, of course) with some really lovely patterns for him and her,
nice hat patterns as well. This yarn is absolutely gorgeous, well worth checking out.  
KNITATHON this year starts 9am Friday 23 August and runs through 48 hours until 9am Sunday 25th. So mark your calendars now.  More information on this in the next Channel Magazine.
Crafty Knitwits Limited, 101, Kitchener Road, Milford. Phone: 486 2724 or

Tip of the Month
Sizing your garment

Usually the pattern will have actual measurements noted. Find something in your wardrobe that fits you well and lay it out flat.  Measure the chest approximately 2cm below the armhole and this should tell you which size in the pattern will fit you best.  If you need to have more length than the pattern allows for, lengthen the body before you reach the armholes.

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