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Kids Yoga at The Mat

The Mat, A Yoga Space in Milford, is very proud to be offering fabulous kids yoga classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week. Classes start at 4pm and run for 45 mins.
Kids yoga is a great way to get your kids moving their body, focusing their mind and learning to relax and enjoy stillness. We use games, imagery, dress ups, yoga postures, crafts, and the group energy to create memorable and fun experiences at each class. We also dedicate a portion of the class to our emotional wellbeing, looking at how we are feeling and what we can do to manage our feelings, especially with the older children. Learning to express feelings and emotions constructively and succinctly is a very valuable and important part of life, and many of us aren’t very good at it!

Special Mother's Day Offer…
Bring your kids in for a
during the month of MAY!

by Channel Editorial