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So what's NEW in Milford this May!

More ‘Fresh New’ businesses for Milford
Continuing the new store openings that seem to have been continuous since the beginning of the year we have two more this month that are changing the landscape of our bustling Milford shopping centre.
A recent addition in the Milford Centre mall is a refreshing take on a clothes shop, called Bettie Monroe. Bettie Monroe offers vintage inspired New Zealand made clothing... Fun, fresh, and powerfully feminine! Liz, the manager, has a wonderful bubbly personality and is there to help you select the right garments for you.
In the main street, ‘Up-Town’ Milford has yet another new business, this time filling a gap in the market. This new business, Next to Skin, owned by Fay and Lisa, brings a fresh approach to marketing lingerie, replacing the two lingerie businesses that closed last year.
Chris, the manager, has had many years’ experience in managing lingerie businesses and is new to the Shore, so come on down
and welcome her to our great little town centre. She just loves it here!

Easter Promotion Winners
On the opposite page we have listed the many winners in our Easter promotion. This is the largest number we have ever had for one competition and is a testament to all the businesses that took part and organised individual prizes for their own business and ran the competition themselves. A little different approach, but WOW – look at the number of winners!

How will MILFORD look in 30 Years?
The Auckland Council has released it’s draft Unitary Plan with many ideas, as I mentioned last month, to challenge us in Milford.
At a recent public meeting at the Milford Primary School, Penny Pirritt, a senior planner for the council, said she heard ‘loud and clear’ that there are things in the plan that Milford people dislike and challenged those there to respond to the plan with what they would like to see, rather than negative comments about the plan.
With that in mind, there is current a group of Milford stakeholders meeting regularly to discuss what they would like to see in our community and consulting with their members for feedback. The outcome of all this will be a plan that has universal agreement among stakeholders of ONE VISION for the future look of our community with related community facilities that are currently lacking.
I urge you to put constructive suggestions to your stakeholders representatives, and in any submissions to the Auckland Council with things that you would like to see.

  • If you have a view on the height of buildings – state it!
  • If you think apartments should have a certain minimum size and
  • quality – tell them!
  • Traffic movements are always going to be slow at peak times in the morning and evenings. Other than that, it flows reasonably well around the centre during the rest of the day. Take that into account with realistic rather than emotional comments!

We all want Milford to retain the values that people expect to see here, but also be flexible and accommodating in realising the changing needs the area will have to meet for the future generations of Milford residents and businesses.
HAVE YOUR SAY! More information is available on the Auckland Council website:
ASO Concert May 5th at the Bruce Mason Centre
The Milford business community and local business Benefitz, publishers of Channel Magazine, have once again stepped up and now are backing the third ASO Free Family Concert, so now support the whole series of 3 FREE Family conserts at the Bruce Mason Theatre. We are looking for some more naming rights sponsors for these events, so if your business can assist please contact me - See you in Milford!

Murray Hill, Manager, Milford Business Association
For details on Milford community groups, go to the Milford Residents Association website:

by Murray Hill