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Pinehurst’s Lydia Ko Claims Halberg Award banner

Education: Pinehurst School

Pinehurst’s Lydia Ko Claims Halberg Award

Pinehurst Student Lydia Ko was awarded the prestigious Emerging Talent Award at the Halberg Awards, held last month at Vector arena.
Appearing prominently in video footage leading up to the announcement, Lydia’s was the first of the Halberg Awards announced for the evening. Competing in Canberra in the Australian Open at the time of the awards, unfortunately Lydia was unable to accept her award in person.
 Often referred to as the ‘teenage golf sensation’ Lydia continued to turn heads that week, recording a record breaking start at The Australian Open to finish the lowest round in her career at 10-under 63,  and finishing the event in third position. These impressive achievements occurred just one short week after Lydia became the first Kiwi to win the New Zealand Open.

Pinehurst Swimmer Achieves at National Juniors
Junior College Year 8 student Jarod Kropp put on an excellent performance at the 2013 Swimming New Zealand Juniors. Jarod placed 2nd in New Zealand for the 100m Backstroke, 4th in New Zealand for 200m Backstroke and 6th in NZ for the 50m Backstroke.

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