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Rosmini Cricket Legacy Continues

Rosmini College has continued its proud tradition in Cricket by making the Premier A Championship round of the Auckland Secondary Schools competition.

As well as that it had three players selected in the Secondary Schools Representative teams. Connor Ridge who has amassed 319 runs at an average of 45 was selected in the A team ( A feat he has achieved every year at Secondary School ). Alex Du Rand who scored 319 runs , averaging 32 and took 14 wickets has been selected in the B team as an all - rounder ( Despite the fact he is actually a wicket - keeper ) and Jake Fitzgibbon is also in the B team after taking 17 wickets, with best figures of 4 for 9.

Rosmini boy to head The Young Whites Football team

Adam Mitchell, a year 12 student at Rosmini College in Takapuna, is to play in the top Under 17 New Zealand national team at the qualifiers in Vanuatu this April.

The down-to-earth young man has been chosen to captain the team but is very relaxed about the searchlight focusing on him. Nevertheless, Adam predicts that his team will advance to the World Cup in Qatar and The Arab Emirates in October. To get that far they will have to win a tournament consisting of six teams, NZ, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia.

Adam started football at an early age and as a ten-year-old he joined the WYNRS – programme founded and run by the former New Zealand football star Wynton Rufer where he particularly developed his outstanding technical skills. Since year 8 Adam has played for Rosmini College where he joined the 1st XI team as a 10 year old boy.

Adam plays club for Central United and has just recently signed a contract with their 1st XI team which plays in the best Auckland League. He also plays in the Auckland City team that every winter participates in the ASB Premier League which is a competition between regional teams consisting of the best players from their region.

If you ask Adam how he has come that far, his first reason is the support and encouragement he has received from his parents. Hard work, never missing a training session or a match, unless injured off course, the comradeship with fellow team mates and the love for football are other important factors in his success, he says. Willy Gerdsen, the assistant Young Whites coach and coach for the East Coast Bays 1st XI and the Waikato FC, has only positive critics about the player and comments that Adams’ positive, non-primadona attitude towards fellow players and hard work together with brilliant skills, has gained him the captaincy of the Young Whites.  Mr Gerdsen has known Adam for several years as he has been involved in Rosmini Football since 2009 as a development coach.

Look out for Adam in the news media sport sections in the years to come. No doubt you frequently will see his name and achievements mentioned.

Did you
know that…?

During the recent Conclave of Cardinals in Rome to elect a new Pope for the Roman Catholic Church, at the same time, in the Italian Province of Piedmont, representatives of the Rosminian Institute of Charity were also going through the process of electing a new Superior General.

Rosmini College in Takapuna is one of a number of Catholic Schools throughout the world who are associated with the Institute of Charity, founded in the eighteenth century by the great priest and philosopher, Blessed Antonio Rosmini. 

As Cardinals of the Catholic Church gathered in Rome last week to elect a new pope, twenty-four Rosminian priests and brothers from many parts of the world assembled at Domodossola, in the Italian province of Piedmont, for their General Congregation. The major item on the agenda was the election of a new leader and  successor of Antonio Rosmini.

The Institute had recently accepted the resignation of its previous Superior General, Fr James Flynn, who had given several years of dedicated service and was required by its rules to resign upon reaching the age of 75.

Similar to the Conclave, the election of the new Superior General, Fr Don Vito Nardin, was very quick and emphatic.

Don Vito Nardin was born in Northern Italy on 29 August 1945, very near the birthplace of Blessed Antonio Rosmini.  He entered the Rosminians in 1960 and was ordained priest in 1972. He is recognised by many who know him as a humble and saintly man, well versed in the Rosminian Charism and spirituality.

Catholics throughout the world are joyful at the outcome of the Papal election and are praying for their new Pope Francis. At the same time, thousands of Rosminians rejoice in the election of Fr Don Vito Nardin and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide him in his leadership of the Institute of Charity.


by Channel Editorial