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Pastel Artists of New Zealand (PANZ) Exhibition

The Pastel Artists of New Zealand( PANZ) now in their 10th year will be holding their National Convention and Exhibition at the Mairangi Arts Centre in April.
Each year the convention and exhibition are held in a different town so we are very fortunate to have them in Mairangi Bay in 2013.The exhibition “Purely Pastel” will open to the public at 6pm on Friday 5 April and run until 27 April. This will be a great chance to see the work of approximately 60 pastel artists nationwide as well as local artists, Julia Henderson, Julie Freeman, Merle Bishop, Joan Taylor, Nicola Warner and Cynthia McKenzie. The exhibition will be judged by well-known Australian pastel artist Grace Paleg and includes awards for the best paintings with all works for sale. It is an exciting time for pastel artists to gather together for exchange of ideas and techniques and for the public to see the beautiful works by pastel artists from all over New Zealand.
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Correction to last article: glass artwork pictured was by student Suzan Lee, not glass artist Lou Pendergrast-Mathieson. Our apologies-MAC

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