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The perfect peel!

Our resident North Shore beauty expert Amanda Care of Face It, Devonport, shares her secrets to looking great through her monthly Channel column. This month Amanda gives us the latest lowdown on facial peels…the good and the bad!

I get asked a lot about facial peel treatments, which is fantastic as I LOVE talking about peels!

A lot of people are under the impression that peels these days are like what we see on E! Channel, with celebrities looking ghastly after some drastic beauty treatment, and yes, those peels do still exist. In fact, about five years ago I had a deep peel myself. It was painful and uncomfortable for days. I got an infection on my chin, and I couldn’t leave the house for fear of frightening small children (unfortunately I had to, as I still had to walk the dog!). For a small number of people, those peels are only a short inconvenience and they love them, but I learnt they weren’t for me.

Thankfully, there’s a new generation of peels and they’re quick, painless and give fantastic results. Now, I know you’re thinking “yeah, yeah, of course, you’re going to say that”. But when one of my clients, Courtney, came to see me about her blackheads and bumpy dull skin, I recommended the Mandelic peel. At first she was anxious and unsure of the possible result and effects. A few weeks later I asked her to let me know what she thought - this is what Courtney said:


“Before my first Mandelic peel I was quite nervous- I was expecting it to burn and have red shiny skin afterwards, as you would expect with a typical ‘chemical peel’. However, this was not the case. The Mandelic peel is not harsh on the skin at all, and the results afterwards are immediately visible. My skin felt rejuvenated, was a lot brighter, and spots, blemishes and pores were significantly reduced. I liked how it felt smoother to touch and was a lot less oily without feeling dried out. I have continued getting the Mandelic peel treatments as the results are unlike any other treatment I have had elsewhere. I highly recommend it to those who want immediate, painless results, especially those with congested skin.”

While Mandelics are great for pigmentation or congested skins, there are also others in my wide range of treatments, such as the anti-aging wonder of the Ultra A-Zyme peel which is a personal fave of mine for that dewy, plump skin we all crave. Also available is the Ultra Lactic 30% peel to hydrate and improve clarity. Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons for these treatments, so don’t put it off any longer, get the skin you deserve and contact me for a consultation to get you started. Have a great April, see you next month.


by Amanda Care