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Dead Animal Décor - Love it or Hate it!

Taxidermy is defined as “the art or operation of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of dead animals for exhibition in a life-like state.”
We have certainly noticed an increase in the popularity and demand for all types of stuffed animals; be it mounted heads, or life-like full pieces, birds, animals, fish etc. encased in glass cases or domes. Mind you, as we say, it is very often one of those ‘things’ that people love or hate with a passion. Birds like eagles, owls, and pheasants are all sought after, as are trout and other large fish. Antlers without the head are a possible ‘get away with’ if one partner is a ‘no-no’ on stuffed animals and having a head on the wall is definitely out of the question. Many Victorians, of course, loved ‘hunting trophies’ and bought back huge quantities of stuffed wildlife from Africa, India, and other far flung
places to adorn the walls of their gothic piles and manor houses. The ‘stuffing’ of much-loved family pets to be kept in situ was also common, and is not unheard
of even today.
On our last UK buying trip I brought back a mounted badger head in my hand luggage. The young Customs guy at Kuala Lumpur Airport saw this head full of sharp teeth poking out of my shoulder bag and nearly had a fit! We were probably lucky not to be locked-up!
Well, we will be back in the UK for all of May on our next buying trip but this time will pop the ‘taxidermy’ pieces into a container and hope to have a real menagerie ‘leaping out’ once the container is opened in Auckland come late August or early September. Anyone really interested in any particular taxidermy items can email me and let me know their ‘wants’ and, depending on availability, I can send pics and advise prices as we source items in the UK and reserve them for you as required. HAPPY HUNTING! - Bernard Molloy.

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by Channel Editorial