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So what's NEW in Milford this April!

Old BNZ building offers new classy appeal
At last the gap in the main street of Milford has been filled with retailers. Dawn, from Milford Hair Design has relocated her business from further up the road to her new beautifully appointed salon and is noticing the new business from people just walking off the street for hair appointments as well as receiving wonderful endorsements from existing clients. Next door, a brand new business, Mikko Shoes, has opened bringing up-market shoes from around the world to Milford in a classy, brightly-lit environment. Come and meet Michaela Inger and her team and try on some very special shoes. Both these businesses trade seven days a week adding to the number of Milford businesses already open every day. With five shoe stores throughout the business district now, ladies, you must come to the Shoe Mecca of the Shore – Milford!

Auckland Council Unitary Plan
I was at the launch of the draft Unitary Plan on Friday 16th March and heard all the rhetoric about this new 30 year vision for Auckland. I spent time with one of the planners discussing the plan as it affects Milford and after having had various discussions with local politicians, found the plan to be some-what different to my expectations. Essentially, Milford is classified as a Town Centre and the maximum allowable height is eight storey’s. However, on the street front there is a set back after a certain number of storey’s. The residential land around Milford and close to the centre is designated as four storey’s although the planner said some may be allowed to go to six storey’s to get the trickle-down effect from the eight storey’s in the Town Centre. All this is subject to public meetings and there are a number planned for the district. Members of the public can also put their submissions into the council by September on their thoughts about the draft plan.
Milford is long overdue for a revamp and there are many differing opinions on the shape and form Milford should have in the next 30 years. The only thing for sure, is that Milford will have more density of residential housing – something that most accept as being realistic. Make sure you are informed and have your say in the future of our fantastic community!

More information is available on the Auckland Council website:

Community Vision for Milford
Funding has been approved by the local board of council for a four to six week project which will be facilitated by well-known local, Peter Carter (Milford Village Forum). He will be organising a series of discussions with all key stakeholders – residents, businesses, landlords, schools, churches and other local organisations’ to develop a shared vision/set of ideas that can mesh in with the work done by the Auckland Council planning officers.
Your participation is important and you can make a difference by sending your submissions in to council.
The next stage is anticipated to be a participation in community-led planning to ensure that the shape of Milford will be developed to enhance the character and environment that the community wants.

Mothers Day Competition
Our Mothers Day competition is advertised on the opposite page and once again has some great prizes for that special person in our lives. Make sure you enter when shopping in Milford.
To save Mum cooking on Mothers day, why not come to Milford and have a meal at one of our wonderful café`s or restaurants, where you can relax and enjoy each others company, whilst we do the cooking!

Civil Defence Exercise
Recently I took part in a simulated emergency Civil Defence exercise, with members of the residents association, on how to use Civil Defence communications equipment. It was a very worthwhile event and with the earthquakes in our area on Sunday 17th March, there is always a need to be prepared.
Last year a simple one page A4 booklet (folded to A5) was produced and supposedly delivered to every household in Milford. If you have misplaced yours, or need a copy of the Milford Neighbourhood Response Booklet that we prepared last year with CD, contact me and I will arrange delivery. This booklet details what to do in an emergency in a simple, easy to follow format and has links to other important information required in the case of an emergency.
See you all back in Milford visiting our new and old favourite businesses!

Murray Hill, Manager, Milford Business Association

For details on Milford community groups, go to the Milford Residents Association website:

by Murray Hill