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STAND UP PADDLING with Mark Jackson

Sum Sum Summertime Sale @Stand Up Takapuna

We’ve had it bloody good this summer! Sea breezes and sunshine have bathed our beaches, creating a paradise for our Stand Up Paddle classes at Stand Up Takapuna.

Have you tried it yet? Anyone can do it – it’s fun, easy and gets you fit and feeling great! At Stand Up Takapuna we have taught hundreds and hundreds of people Stand Up Paddling with 100% success. That’s a summertime sum that adds up to an “A” on your report card!

Our “Board Meetings” (SUP Classes) are the best and so are our boards. Our ‘Paddle and Pizza’ class (sponsored by Sal’s with 50% OFF a Pizza ) is just $35.00 for 2 hours. What a deal! Want another Deal? Here it is! OUR BOARD OF THE MONTH: THE 12’6” SEARCHER IS now $500 OFF. It has been the most popular paddle board in our ‘Paddle and Pizza’ class. A touring machine, based on the Blade II racing design, but beefed up to a massive width for stability and utility. This board can go anywhere. In fact, check out this YouTube Video to see just what The Searcher can do!
It’s the perfect board for touring the Waitemata, taking the kids paddling with you, fishing, racing or just mucking about. It was even used by the Northland Region Surf Lifesaving Association as a surf patrol board. It does it all, and what’s more, we have it ALL right here at our backdoor - “LITERALLY!” The Shop at Stand Up Takapuna stands in an iconic little town with a BIG future. A shop adjacent to the Takapuna Post Office on Hurstmere Rd that has a back door (Channel View Rd) leading directly to the beach. That little back door has opened up playful possibilities and ignited the adventurous mind. Sand is getting dragged into the streets of Takapuna from the happy feet of the Stand Up paddlers bold enough to give it a go. If you haven’t tried it, it’s time you did the Bob Marley move and “Get Up Stand Up.”

StandUp Takapuna, 53, Hurstmere Road, Takapuna Beach. Phone 486 6229 or 022 0723 353 or visit us on Facebook.

Our regular Stand Up Paddling (SUP) contributor is the energetic Mark Jackson, North Shore native and owner of Stand Up South Pacific Ltd.

by Mark Jackson