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Lovin' the 50's!

Its no secret I love the 50’s especially the cars and the music. I have a band which also loves the era and we thoroughly enjoy paying homage to it. We go out of our way not to be known as impersonators, its hard to recreate the real thing, however I take great pride in paying heartfelt tribute to the music of the era and some of the stars that changed the face of music.
It got me asking the question... What in fact is a tribute act and why do we flock to see them, especially when some of the acts still compete with the
real thing?
Well it’s pretty simple in my opinion, a tribute act can’t have an off night, they must faithfully re-create the sound of the singer or band when they were at the height of their powers.
Some of the World’s greatest tribute bands tour the world fulltime these days. Bands like the Bootleg Beatles, and Bjorn Again from Australia make an excellent living and having been to see them are a lot of fun.
A tribute band never takes themselves too seriously unlike the music they are honouring which is usually played excellently and often with better production values than their originals.
One of the benefits is that we often get high quality acts at theatre venues rather than stadiums. In fact at the turn of the century I saw a fantastic Queen show in a small corporate venue in Lincoln England, I swore Freddie was on stage.
Sometimes things can be so good for the band that big things come their way. Oasis tribute band No Way Sis took the notion of tribute bands a step further in 1997 by achieving a UK top 20 hit single with their rendition of “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing”. In addition to this, the band was asked to step in for Oasis and play to a sell out audience in Paris after Oasis cancelled their show.
The reason for all of this is that one of the World’s great Pink Floyd acts is coming to our neighbourhood, no not at North Harbour Stadium but in the middle of Takapuna at the Bruce Mason Centre.
The Pink Floyd Experience will be seeking to reproduce live, with intricate detail, all those classic Floyd sounds. From the in your face guitar solos of Time & Money to the huge synth & organ sounds of Breathe and On the Run to the astonishing vocals of Great Gig in the Sky and Eclipse.
The second half of the show will feature some of our favorite Pink Floyd songs as well as some very often requested in what can only be described as a selection of the ‘Finest Floyd’.
With sell out shows in New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, once again the Pink Floyd Experience will be presenting a show of the highest standard. With state-of-the-art sound, lighting and visuals, meticulous attention to detail and an unsurpassed passion for performing Pink Floyd’s music.
This is Floyd... at its finest. It will be two cracking nights out!
See you at the show!

Pink Floyd Experience: Bruce Mason Centre on Friday 17th May
and Saturday 18th May, 8pm. Visit:

by Shane Cortese