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DELICIOUS TREATS with Devonport Chocolates

Delectable New Truffle Slices

Back in 1999, the core of the Devonport Chocolates business was the Truffle Logs. Wrapped in polka dot cellophane and a bow label, they were the iconic product of Devonport Chocolates.  Originally designed by Gayle McDuff and her daughter Joanne, they were sold through pharmacies, florists and the odd gift shop.  Then, Stephanie Everitt purchased the business, realising the potential that this sweet treat of a company had…

In the years that our family has owned Devonport Chocolates we have seen the chocolate market in New Zealand change significantly. We hope that Devonport Chocolates has been part of the reason significantly more New Zealanders are eating and appreciating gourmet handmade chocolate.

Fast forward a few years and the Truffle Log recipe no longer satisfied the average gourmet chocolate loving New Zealander’s palette. Overall we are eating more dark chocolate and our Truffle Log recipe was a little sweet, so change was in order. But how do you go about changing an iconic product? Firstly, a number of our customers were crying out for the product to be boxed. Moore Wilson, a big customer in Wellington, wanted to stack them and they ended up damaged in their cellophane format. Focus groups we ran let us know very clearly that they liked being able to see the truffle logs, and we wanted packaging that was recyclable. Hence the clear acetate box the Truffle Logs are now presented in. It is recyclable and, if you are eating the truffle slice yourself, you can slice a couple of pieces off and then put it back in its box.

Secondly we needed to work on the ingredients. As I mentioned earlier, our palettes have changed and more people want dark chocolate – a good quality dark chocolate. We spent hours and hours, months and years developing this new recipe. It needed to contain top quality ingredients, be able to be made in a big batch without the mix splitting, it needed to slice well, the coating needed to stay on it and of course it had to taste great and have a smooth texture. Changing the recipe has been one of the biggest challenges we have faced in our business and one we are so pleased to have overcome. We are incredibly proud of the new recipe and it has been really well received by our customers.

Finally it became all about the name. We decided to change calling them Truffle Logs to Truffle Slices. Why? Well they look less like a log now and of course they are best served sliced. You can serve them for dessert, on a cheese board, with your favourite coffee and of course they make great gifts! Come in store and have a look at our delightful renovated Truffle Slices, we really are quite proud of them!


by Caroline Everitt