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Summer Weather Aids Repairs

Like most people, we have been enjoying the hot weather at the AMI Netball Centre. Since late January 15 all of our courts have been undergoing major refurbishment and these repairs can only take place in fine weather.

 Given our timeline was seven weeks, we are delighted that the sun has shone for all of those weeks! The major upgrade (the first significant maintenance programme in ten years) is due to the financial support from Auckland Council ($170K) and in particular I would like to acknowledge our local Kaipatiki Board for their continued backing.

Just when we have some great stuff happening out on the courts - we have recently received some damning news in that our pavilion has been identified as a Leaky Building. Whilst we had our suspicions over the years, to have confirmation is very disappointing. The construction back in the early nineties was a result of years of fundraising efforts by lots of volunteers, collaboration and funding from North Shore City council as well as many other funding agencies. So whilst we have a significant challenge facing us within the next few years we also have some exciting opportunities to consider regarding our future which will ensure the continued growth of the game.

In the meantime… Netball continues to run as efficiently as ever!

Our preseason games for Club begin on Saturday April 13th with the remainder of teams commencing on Saturday May 11th. The following week (May 18th) we will be launching our brand new Junior Netties competition at the Westlake Girls High School undercover courts.

Our collaboration with Westlake Girls is hugely beneficial for us, particularly as a major sport currently operating at capacity at the Onewa site. We are all very excited that we can now cater for Junior Netties (years 2-6) on a Saturday morning. I am sure that our parents will enjoy Saturday netball under cover!

By Adele Lendich,
CEO of North Harbour.


by Adele Lendich